We are currently seeking a skilled Facialist to join our team. Please email us with your resume if you are interested in an opporunity to work at our facility.

Spring into the season with hydrated, nourished skin!

Full Body Seaweed Wrap with Free Half Hour Massage

Seaweed Wrap, Body Polish & Massage

This decadent 2 hour treatment includes full body dry brushing, application of toning cellulite gel and long flowing strokes as we treat your body with our highly concentrated seaweed extract that refines the skin and increases circulation, bringing more oxygen to the skin's tissues. Diuretic properties help eliminate toxicity and water retention.

  As you lay cocooned enjoy a lavender & peppermint scalp massage and end with our 30 minute ultra-rich hydrating body butter massage.

$145 (Regularly $190) $45 off


 Garden Ritual Massage 

Massage, Aromatherapy & Foot Retreat 

Unburden your mind and revitalize your body with 75 minutes of soothing massage strokes, drizzles of lavender and rosemary essential oils along your back & a deep peppermint foot massage complete with scrub and steamy hot towels. 

$99 (regularly $120) $21 off


Tahitian Body Scrub

Thorough steaming and dry brushing revitalizes your body as our Tahitian medley of botanical extracts, shea butter, vitamins and powerful humectants from the sea buff & polish your skin to smooth perfection. Our long flowing strokes of ultra rich body butter hydrate, soften and renew. $69.00

Take $10 off when booked with any 30, 45 or 60 Minute Massage


Soothing Rosemary Massage

65 Minute Massage, Hot Stones for the Back & Jacuzzi

Enjoy a mug of hot chocolate, a cup of tea or glass of sangria while soaking in our outdoor hot tub. Then relax with a muscle-soothing hour of massage with a pain relieving, immune boosting Rosemary Hot Stone Treatment for your back.  $105