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Introducing our New Therapists...

$60 Classic European Facials with Jessica Burkart

I've been in the spa industry as an employee for about three years.  I've been active as a client in the industry for 25 years.  I'm lucky enough to have mentors with many years of experience align with me while I was getting my education and certification.  This provided me with real on the job training. Grateful doesn't begin to explain how I feel about that.  What I would like to bring to the spa for our clients is a skin therapist who is knowledgeable in all skin types, conditions, products and modalities. Especially in mature skin as I'm experiencing that fun ride myself!  I'm thirsty for information on the newest products and treatments available and yet, not an easy sell.  If it smells like "fad" to me I'm going to investigate it until I fully understand what it can and cannot deliver to our clients.  I'm extremely excited about all of the modalities skin care has available these days and you can be sure I will constantly be in continuing education classes to find out what's out there and if it will benefit you.

Jess will be available Mondays, Fridays & Every Other Saturday.


$60 Hour Swedish Massages with Ashley Preston

I am very grateful and excited to be apart of the Essential Therapies Spa team! My current strength is performing a medium pressured Swedish massage incorporating Cranial Sacral, Reflexology and Reiki to create a relaxing, healing and therapeutic experience. I truly care about helping every client in what they need or want. It's the client's agenda, not mine.

Ashley is available upon request!


$32 Hour Zero Gravity Pedicures with Deshawnna Warren

I have always been creative and wanted to take my creativity to the next level. When the company I was working for closed, I saw the opportunity to grow and continue my education by becoming a nail technician. The chance to meet new people, bond with them, meet and exceed their wants and know their needs even when they don't, is something I am truly excited about. I love doing nail art! I can be as subtle or extravagant as you would like. I excel in hand and foot massages and I am so very excited to begin working with you all.

Deshawnna will be available Mondays, Fridays & Every Other Saturday.